A Dumas man was acquitted Thursday night of first-degree murder charges in connection with the November 2011 shooting death of his daughter’s late boyfriend, who was also the father of the man’s grandchild.

The state contended that David Dann, 45, shot 22-year-old Cory George of Stuttgart, execution-style, while George was sitting in a vehicle following a domestic dispute involving Dann’s daughter, according to Dann’s defense attorney Pricilla Coplein-Neeley.

Dann, however, testified that he shot George in self-defense while the two men were on the ground fighting at Dann’s residence on Neeley Road in Dumas.

It was originally believed that George was struck by two bullets from a .357 magnum but expert witnesses called by both the state and defense testified that one bullet entered and exited George’s left shoulder then reentered his head, according to Copelin-Neeley.

After George was shot, he reportedly said “Oh, (expletive deleted) I’m shot,” then got into his vehicle to drive away and as he did so he began driving erratically. Dann fired a second shot into the air telling George to get off his property. The bullet from the second shot struck a large limb from a pecan tree at Dann’s residence, Copelin-Neeley said.

The tree limb was a key piece of evidence, according to Copelin-Neeley.

One witness from the state crime lab testified that the tree limb did test positive for gunshot residue and another testified that the limb did not have any of George’s DNA on it.

The jury deliberated just under an hour Thursday evening before returning with the not guilty verdict.

“The Dann family and I are grateful to have this year-long journey behind us,” Copelin-Neeley said. “In the end we knew the truth would come out and justice would be served. We were fortunate that we had a good jury with a great deal of common sense.”