Dumas residents angry about Delta Memorial Hospital’s recent termination of Dr. Peter Go called for the resignation of the hospital’s chief executive officer Thursday night during an emotionally charged, standing-room-only meeting.

The hospital board, on January 26, voted 5-1 to give Dr. Go the 60-day required notice that his contract with the hospital would not be renewed. In a February 6 letter, the hospital notified Go that his services would not be needed during the 60-day period, gave him 30 days notice that his emergency room services would be terminated, and requested that he remove his personal belongings by February 10. After filing suit against the hospital, Go was allowed to return to the hospital to complete the 60 days as outlined in his contract.

In response to community outcry, petitions, and questions about the board’s action, the board held a public meeting, which, at times, was reduced to a shouting match with attendees calling for Delta Memorial Hospital CEO Cris Bolin’s resignation and asking why Dr. Go’s contract was not renewed.

Most of the meeting can be viewed in the following videos in which Bolin is seated on the far left at the board table. Seated next to her, from left to right, are board members Timothy Jones, Don Livingston and James Berry, the mayor of Dumas. Board members Benny Estes, Glen Crow and Dr. Thomas Lewellen, who cast the lone dissenting vote in the board’s January 26 action, did not attend the Thursday night meeting.