The Drew County Sheriff’s Office recently recovered guns and other items reportedly stolen from a Drew County residence and items believed to have been stolen from another home in Drew County, residences in Bradley County and a residence in Ashley County.

Tanner Oden, 24, and Marlena Brown, 28, both of Monticello, were arrested August 14 in connection with the stolen property, according to a news release from the Drew County Sheriff’s Office.

Drew County deputies on August 10, responded to a call reporting a residential burglary on Highway 133 in Drew County, just west of Lacey, after home owners noticed their home had been ransacked. They also noticed that a gun safe had been broken into, and 10 guns, several game cameras, ammunition and other miscellaneous hunting equipment were missing, according to the news release.

Drew County Chief Deputy Brian Slaughter returned to the residence the following morning after the owner received a short, vague video, sent via a stolen camera. The video showed only a bed rail and contained the audio of unknown suspects.

Drew County Sheriff Gober suspected that the break-in was connected to a person rumored to have broken into abandoned or  periodically unoccupied homes. Gober contacted Tanner Oden, one of the suspects, and searched his vehicle where deputies identified game cameras that had reportedly been stolen from the residence on Highway 133.

Oden was then transported to his residence. Upon arrival, officers knocked on the door and a woman identified as a Marlena Brown, 28, of Monticello, opened the door. Drew County deputies searched the home and observed an old clock and a rifle that had also been reported stolen from the house on Highway 133. Other small numerous items were also recovered from Brown and Oden’s residence, according to the news release.

During the course of the investigation, the Drew County Sheriff’s Office learned that Brown allegedly had been utilizing a local storage unit to store stolen property.

A search warrant was obtained for the storage unit where officers reportedly seized 13 guns. All guns belonging to the Highway 133 resident were recovered as well as items connected to property taken from residences in Bradley County, a home on Midway Route in Drew County, and a home in Ashley County, according to the news release.

Oden and Brown were arrested August 14. They likely will face residential burglary, theft of property, theft of a firearm and possession of a controlled substance charges. Oden faces an additional charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Brown was released on a $40,000 commercial bond. Oden remains in custody at the Drew County Detention Facility on a parole hold.