Conner Eldridge


Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Conner Eldridge criticized his opponent, U.S. Sen. John Boozman Tuesday saying Boozman has taken more than 120 trips to foreign countries — many at taxpayer expense — during his 15 years in Washington. During that same 15-year period, Boozman has managed to get five bills passed, all renaming post offices, according to Eldridge.

Eldridge, a former prosecutor and U.S. attorney trying to unseat the Republican senator, asked Democrats at a Democratic rally in Drew County Tuesday evening how many times Boozman had been to their county.

“I think you ought to go to every nook and cranny of this (state) — you ought to go to Wilmar and meet with all 511 people that live there — before you start galavanting around the world on the taxpayer dime,” Eldridge said.

He told the group that Boozman is “the guy” if they want a senator who is going to get a couple of post offices renamed during the next 6-year term. But, if you want a senator who will work hard, deliver results and fight for the things that matter to the people in Drew County, Eldridge said, that’s our campaign.