Authorities believe the Monday afternoon fires in the Rock Springs area of northern Drew County were caused by sparks from a truck dragging a hydraulic lift. Monticello Fire Chief Steven Faulkner said the man traveled along Interstate 530, then onto Arkansas 35 before turning onto Rock Springs Road “throwing sparks everywhere.”

“It was throwing sparks everywhere and set the grass on the side of the road on fire and it spread into the woods,” Faulkner said, adding that there were two separate fires.

Firefighters from the Clear Creek, Wilmar, Barkada, and Collins-Cominto fire departments, along with those from the Monticello Fire Department and the Arkansas Forestry Commission have got the fire contained “for the most part,” Faulkner said.

There were no structures damaged.

The fire is under investigation by the Drew County Sheriff’s Office, according to Faulkner.