Tim Nichols

Tim Nichols

Tim Nichols, a former deputy and criminal investigator with the Drew County Sheriff’s Office and current criminal investigator, administrator and department trainer at the Warren Police Department, recently announced his intentions to run for Drew County Sheriff.

Nichols is a Monticello resident and is running as an independent.

Nichols’ announcement, which he released in the form of a “letter” to Drew County citizens, follows:



Dear Citizens of Drew County,


It is with great pleasure and honor that I, Tim Nichols announce my candidacy for Drew County Sheriff. This decision was made through much thought and prayer.


As many of you may or may not know, I have been a law enforcement officer for many years now and this is something I hold dear to my heart. Throughout my years in law enforcement I have been blessed to serve the people of Drew County as a Deputy and also the Criminal Investigator.


During those years I was also blessed to meet many people from different walks of life. I have seen people at their best and their worst, but I have never given up hope to help those at their worst get back to their best. As YOUR Sheriff I will continue to do just that and also give my all to you and for you.

The reasons I want to be YOUR Sheriff is simple. First, I have a family who share a love the same as I do for Drew County and the people who reside here. Secondly, I want to provide the people of Drew County the best service and dedication possible. Thirdly, I want to build a stronger community relationship amongst ALL people here in Drew County, specifically our youth; for they are our future. Fourth, I want to work for and with you to make Drew County a safer and better place to live. I vow to also be a working Sheriff that will make myself available day or night.


This election process will not be an easy task, it will be tough mentally, physically and financially. However, I am confident that the people of Drew County are ready for a change. A Change in which puts God and the YOU the people of Drew County first.


With this being said, I ask that you elect me Tim Nichols as YOUR Drew County Sheriff come November 6, 2018. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I believe that we must work together for a better, brighter and safer future.


Thank you and God Bless,
Tim Nichols

Nichols and family 2