Southeast Arkansas Economic Development District deputy Director David Dempsey and State Reps. Sheilla Lampkin and Eddie Chetham presented $1,000 General Improvement Fund checks to a Monticello food pantry, a volunteer fire department, a youth services organization and a hunter food program for the poor. Pictured on the top row, left, are Dempsey, Lampkin, Tom White, representing Hunters Feeding the Hungry, and Cheatham. Hunters Feeding the Hungry, a food supply program in which hunters donate excess meat and local processors are paid to process it for food pantries. Pictured on the top row, right, are Dempsey, Chetham, Bertie James, Lampkin and Bill Jones. James and Jones are affiliated with the Revival Center COGIC Food Pantry. Pictured on the bottom row, left, are Dempsey, Toyce Newton, representing Phoenix Youth Services, Lampkin and Cheatham.