A full moon kayak tour and an open-air gospel music concert are among the weekend activities at Cane Creek State Park this weekend.

Friday, September 20
7 p.m. – Full Moon Kayak Tour
Full moon tours at Cane Creek State Park take on a special magic as the lake, the surrounding landscape and the sky above are bathed in moonlight. A park interpreter will be your guide, and kayaks, paddles, and lifejackets are provided for this 2-hour tour. Space is limited, and reservations are required. The cost is $15 for adults and $10 for children under 12—must be over 10 to paddle alone. Meet at the Cane Creek Visitor Center at 7 p.m.

Saturday, September 21
1:30 p.m. – Feed the Critters
Ever wonder how or what an alligator or turtle eats? Well, it’s dinner time and the critters are hungry. Come watch their eating habits and learn all about the animals here at Cane Creek State Park during this 30-minute activity. Meeting place: Visitor Center.
3 p.m. –  Backpacking Basics. A park interpreter will introduce you to the basics of this popular wilderness activity. Learn about safety, preparation, gear, and some of the backpacking hotspots here in Arkansas, including our very own Cane Creek Lake Trail. Meeting Place: Visitor Center.
6-8 p.m. Music in the Park. Gospel music by Saved by Grace in an open air setting. Bring a lawn chair and a picnic. Meeting place: Day-use area near Pavilion #1.

Sunday, September 22
11 a.m
. – Edible Insects. In other parts of the world, eating insects is considered a delicacy. A park interpreter will test your notion of who really eats bugs and who doesn’t. Are you brave enough to join the “I ATE A BUG CLUB”? Come take a bite….or at least watch this 45 minute activity.  Meeting place: Visitor Center.
3 p.m. – Eat Like a Bird. Why do some birds have short beaks while other birds have long beaks? Why do some birds have sharp talons? A bird’s diet is closely connected to its anatomy. Come discover more about birds’ diet, and see if you can eat like a bird yourself during this 30-minute activity. Meeting place: Visitor Center.