The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has approved a 60-day hunting season for waterfowl. With more than 529,500 mallards harvested, Arkansas had the third highest waterfowl harvest and highest mallard harvest in the nation last season.The second highest mallard harvest in the nation was 243,467 in California. No other states hunters, in the Mississippi flyway, harvested over 200,000 mallards.

2013-14 duck season dates:
Nov. 23 – Dec. 1
Dec. 5 – Dec. 23
Dec. 26 – Jan. 26
Youth Hunt: Feb. 1-2

The 2013-14 duck bag limits are six ducks consisting of no more than: four mallards (two hens), three wood ducks, two pintails, two redheads, one black duck, two canvasbacks, one mottled duck or three scaup.

Federal regulations now allow for a possession limit of three times the daily bag limit. The proposed white-fronted, snow, blue, Ross’s and late Canada goose season is Nov. 14-Jan. 26.

Early migratory bird season dates:

Mourning Dove and Eurasian Collared Dove
Sept. 1-Oct. 20 and Dec. 21-Jan. 9

Teal Season
Sept. 7-22

Rail Season
Sept. 7-Nov. 15

Woodcock Season
Nov. 2-Dec. 16

Common Snipe Season
Nov. 1-Feb. 15

Gallinule Season
Sept. 1-Nov. 9

Early Canada Goose Season
Sept. 1-15

Northwest Canada Goose Zone Season
Sept. 21-30

The teal daily bag limit has been raised to six and the possession limit to 18.