Trent Scogin


The Monticello Country Club on Sunday won the second annual Raymond Scogin Memorial Challenge Cup, a two-day golf tournament between the top 20 golfers at the Warren Country Club and the top 20 golfers at the Monticello Country Club.

The two clubs alternate play at each golf course, playing at the Warren Country Club on Saturday and rounding out the tournament play at the Monticello Country Club on Sunday.

The tournament is a friendly rivalry between two towns that came together to remember and honor a remarkable man, Raymond Scogin.

Scogin, who died in 2010, had strong ties to both cities. He was raised in the Green Hill community in Drew County and coached basketball for 19 years at Warren. He also coached at Drew Central as well as Little Rock Central, Harrison and Carlisle during his 35-year coaching career.

Scogin was an avid golfer who learned to hit a golf ball in a pasture behind his house with a couple of clubs and a dozen golf balls his older brother gave him.

“He would use dried cow piles as his tee and when the golf balls got so dirty he couldn’t find them in the field, he would spray paint them white and he’d be good to go again,” said Scogin’s widow, Glenda.

Scogin’s son, Trent Scogin, of Monticello, fell in love with the game too. In fact, he is one of the top 20 golfers at the Monticello Country Club and participated in the weekend tournament named in memory of his father.

Members of the winning Monticello Country Club team were: John Akin, Jeff Barton, Jason Beer, Kyle Colwell, Andy Davis, Barry Davis, David Funderburg, Billy Gladden, Paul Griffin, Robert Jacobs, Mark Johns, Kenny Johnson, Jack Jordan, Patton Jordan, Chuck Morgan, Stan Pace, Trent Scogin, Butch Selig, Terry Spurlock and Mark Woods.

Warren Country Club team members were: Brooks Ashcraft, Craig Ashcraft, Randy Clanton, Jimmy Courtney, Roy Dannehl, Trey Dannehl, Mike Hale, Brent Higgins, Hayden Lassiter, Michael Milton, Bob Milton, Robert Milton, Chris Perry, Chaney Richard, Wesley Richard, Drew Robinson, Ethan Vickers, Billy Wright, Chad Young and Dennis Young.