David Sterling and Dennis Milligan


David Sterling, a candidate for Arkansas Attorney General, and Dennis Milligan, a candidate for Arkansas Treasurer, are scheduled to speak at the May 12 meeting of the Southeast Arkansas TEA Party.

Sterling will be the third of the three GOP candidates seeking the office of Attorney General in the May 20 Primary Election to speak to the group. Sterling has said he is a strong proponent of the Second Amendment, supports “open carry” a “stand your ground” law for Arkansas.

Milligan, in the wake of the recent scandal in the Arkansas Treasurer’s office, has pledged that neither he nor any member of his staff will accept gifts of any kind if he is elected to the office.

Both men will explain their positions regarding their respective offices and will answer questions.

The meeting, which will be held at the Living Word Fellowship Church in Monticello, will begin at 6:30 P.M. The church is located in the south end of the building which houses Cowboy’s Restaurant and is directly across the highway from the Ryburn Automotive Superstore on U.S. 425 South. The public is cordially invited to attend, and refreshments will be served.