Two Gould men were killed Monday night in an apparent double homicide, according to Gould Police Chief William El-Amin.

El-Amin said he and two officers responded Monday night to a 911 call from 501 W. Star Street in Gould where they found Roland Oneal, 65, and Roscoe Mitchell, 56, both of Gould, suffering from gunshot wounds.

Although Oneal and Mitchell were still alive when police arrived, neither spoke about the incident. “Mr. Oneal was alive but was unconscious,” El-Amin said. “Mr. Mitchell was also alive but he didn’t speak about the incident. He said he was in pain and needed help.”

Oneal, the owner of the home where the shooting took place, was transported to Delta Memorial Hospital where he later died. Mitchell, who made the 911 call, was transported to Jefferson Regional Medical Center where he died.

El-Amin said two guns were found at the home but declined to speculate about what happened.

“I’m trying to get to the bottom of it because I have two deceased victims,” El-Amin said. “But, I don’t want to speculate until I get the evidence back from the crime lab.”

Until then, the shooting is being treated as a double homicide.

El-Amin said he didn’t know Oneal or Mitchell personally but knew of them and believes the two men were friends.