Lyna Gulledge

Lyna Gulledge

Drew County Clerk Lyna Gulledge has announced that she will seek re-election to an eighth term in the upcoming May 22 Democratic primary.

“The county clerk’s office is responsible for many different jobs,” Gulledge explained. “Some of those things, like conducting elections, keeping voter rolls updated, filing documents in probate cases and issuing marriage licenses, are very visible to the public. But my deputies and I perform many other jobs as well – things like paying the county’s bills, handling payroll and tax payments, keeping an official record of all quorum court proceedings, preparing appropriation ordinances, coordinating the meetings of both the election commission and equalization boards, and working closely with each of the other offices to prepare the budget each year. There are a lot of moving parts.”

Her years of experience as clerk, and as a deputy in the clerk’s office prior to being elected, give her the background and knowledge needed to make sure all of the clerk’s responsibilities are carried out, Gulledge said.

Since taking office, Gulledge has been involved with the Association of Arkansas Counties, a state organization which provides training and legislative support for the various county elected officials. She has served on the AAC’s legislative board, helping to craft legislation that the association then proposed to the state house and senate. Also at the state level, Gulledge has been active in the Arkansas Association of County Clerks, serving in the following leadership positions: secretary from 2006-2011, second vice president in 2012-2013, first vice president in 2014-2015, and president in 2016-2017. She was also a part of the clerks’ association’s legislative committee, helping draft legislation to benefit and improve county clerks’ offices across the state.

Gulledge has been married to her husband, Greg, for 18 years. Greg is employed as a salesman for Amerimex. They have one son, James, who is a fifth-grader at Drew Central. She is a member of the Church of Christ.

“It has truly been a pleasure to serve the citizens of Drew County as county clerk,” said Gulledge. “I hope you all will consider my experience and knowledge of the job as you go to the polls, and I sincerely ask for your continued support and vote.”