Special Judge David Laser on Wednesday notified Ashley and Drew County election officials to not take any action at this time to remove Jim Hall’s name from the ballot.

Hall, the Republican nominee for Arkansas District 9 State Representative for the upcoming two-year term as well as a write-in candidate to complete the final two months of the late State Rep. Sheilla Lampkin‘s unexpired term, pleaded guilty in April to writing a hot check in Faulkner County in 2014.

Judge Laser on Monday found Hall, of Monticello, ineligible to serve as Arkansas State Representative because Hall had been convicted of a crime that includes as an element the intent to defraud. Laser ordered Hall’s name removed from the Drew and Ashley County ballots. However, Hall petitioned the Faulkner County Circuit Court to seal his criminal record. The record was sealed on Monday and Hall subsequently requested a review of Laser’s ruling.

Hall maintains that Judge Laser’s order finding him ineligible to serve cannot be filed now because it contains elements of a sealed case.

“In light of filing and Mr. Hall’s impending ‘rule 60/55’ hearing, take no action at this time to remove Mr. Hall’s name from the ballot,” Laser wrote in a Wednesday morning email. “I will set this matter for another hearing one day next week upon the filing of an appropriate motion to review, etc. the ruling of the court on 9/12/16.”

Laser said he anticipates a hearing will go forward on September 23 if Hall prepares and files appropriate post judgment pleadings in time for a response to be filed.