UPDATE May 21: The 4-mill property tax increase proposal to build and equip new school facilities in the Hamburg School District passed.
Complete, unofficial results:
For – 296
Against – 200.

Original Story – May 9: Voters in the Hamburg School District will go to the polls on May 21 to cast their vote for or against a proposed 4-mill property tax increase to build and equip new school facilities and improve existing facilities. If approved, the millage rate increase would allow the district to issue $7.8 million in bonds to pay for the following:

• $1.5 million for two classrooms, ALE classroom, art room, and restrooms on the Hamburg High School campus
• $1.15 million to build a baseball field, soccer field, bathrooms, concessions and a parking lot.
• $1.1 million to expand and remodel the auditorium on the Hamburg High School campus.
• $800,000 to convert the grass football field to an artificial turf field.
• $600,000 to remodel the gym (roof, interior, exterior, HVAC, electrical) and concession area on the Portland campus and to build a covered walkway to the main building on the Portland campus.
• $446,000 to refurbish the track.
• $344,500 to remodel the restrooms on the Nobel/Allbritton campus
• $300,000 to add plumbing, restrooms, dressing rooms, storage, water fountains in the indoor facility for female athletes.
• $265,000 to connect the Marilyn Chambers Building to the main building on the Nobel/Allbritton campus.
• $197,600 to remodel bathrooms on the Hamburg Middle School campus.
• $174,370 for new HVAC for the cafeteria, kitchen, dressing rooms and concession area on the Hamburg High School campus.
• $150,000 set aside for professional fees associated with the project, the cost of the bond issue, and potential project cost overages.

4-mill tax increase

If approved, Hamburg’s current millage rate of 35.5 would increase to 39.5. The property tax increase to fund the projects would add about $80 a year in new taxes on a $100,000 home and twice that amount on a $200,000 home. The added cost on a $20,000 vehicle would be $16 a year or $24 a year on a $30,000 vehicle.

Early voting begins on Tuesday, May 14 and runs through Friday, May 17 with an additional early voting day on Monday, May 20, the day before the election. Early voting is at the Ashley County Courthouse.
Compare the millage rates for other area schools:
Lake Village 36
Warren 36.5
Star City 37
Monticello 39.9
Drew Central 39.9
Crossett 39.97
McGehee 40.46
Hermitage 41.5
Dermott 41.81
Dumas 42