Diana Harton 3


Diana Harton, chairman of the Drew County GOP, has been selected to be one of the state’s 40 delegates to the Republican National Convention this summer in Ohio..

Twelve of Arkansas’ 40 delegates were elected Saturday at the state’s four congressional district committee meetings. Six delegates were chosen for Donald Trump, five were chosen for Sen. Ted Cruz, and one was selected as a delegate for Sen. Marco Rubio, even though Rubio is no longer in the race. The presidential candidates receive delegates based on the number of votes they received in the March 1 primary election.

“It was a great honor to be elected in the first round of delegate selection,” Harton said.

Twenty-five more delegates will be selected on May 14 at the state committee meeting in Hot Springs, while three party leaders—the state party chairman and the national committeeman and national committeewoman—are automatic delegates.

On the first ballot, Trump will have 16 Arkansas delegates, Cruz will have 15 and Rubio will have nine.

The national convention will be held July 18-21 in Cleveland, Ohio.

A candidate must have 1,237 votes to become the party’s presidential nominee. If, after the first round of voting, no one wins the nomination, the party will enter into an open convention and the delegates (depending upon each state’s party rules) are free to vote for a candidate other than the candidate to which he or she is pledged.

Harton has served as the chairman of the Drew County Republican Party for seven years. She served as the president of the Arkansas Republican County Chairmanship Association from 2013-2016 and the executive board of the RPA from 2013-2016. Originally from Warren, Harton has lived in Monticello since 1994. She and her husband, Doug Harton, are self employed land surveyors.