Vickey Haycox

Vickey Haycox, a legal assistant to Monticello attorney John Frank Gibson, has announced her candidacy for Drew County Clerk.

Haycox said she will run as an Independent.

The full text of the news release announcing her candidacy follows:

“After much deliberation, thought and prayer, it is my honor, privilege, and pleasure to announce my candidacy for the position of Drew County Clerk.


As introduction, I am Vickey Haycox (Thornhill), a lifelong resident of Monticello and Drew County and hold the people in the highest affection and esteem. Honesty, truth, communication in all forms, accountability, responsibility, flexibility and humor are some of the values I hold in the highest regard.

Through the many life endeavors, including student, educator, legal assistant and life in general, my focus has been dedicated to helping people become better citizens, regardless of whether it was being a better mom, dad, family member, church member, community member, employer, employee, or whatever the call may be.


Reasons I want to be your County Clerk:


1. Passion for Drew County.

2. Desire to serve all citizens of Drew County.

3. Build relationships with and among the citizens, other city and county offices of Drew County and through state offices.

4. To be transparent with elections and help with availability for all citizens.

5. Maintain and open door to the needs of the people.

6. Keep an open mind to changes that are needed and help implement the necessary changes through the proper channels.


The decision to run for this office was not made haphazardly. Elections are not ever an easy task. However, I am confident that change is not always a bad thing and that through God’s leading and your help, the change that you will see will be positive.


As I ask that you elect me, Vickey Haycox, as your next County Clerk, I want you to know that your support and vote is very important to me. You are encouranged to contact me with any questions or concerns. Together, we can make POSITIVE change in our local government and community.


May God Bless you and this great County,
Vickey Haycox