The Heath Loveless family issued the following letter providing an update on Heath’s illness and thanking individuals, businesses, health care workers and church groups for their support:





Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! There comes a point when those two words seem very inadequate; this is one of those times. We are in complete awe over how our small town came together for Heath and our family. Randy and I were discussing the unknown possibilities of what Heath may need upon discharge; that same evening a couple of angels appeared on my front porch with the proceeds from the Hot Dogs for Heath Fundraiser… I couldn’t believe it: another blessing from God! In addition to the fundraiser, there have been donations given by individuals and businesses from all over.


The prayers for Heath spread like wildfire — it has been amazing. This has been a chaotic month for us. Heath started feeling bad Thursday, February 23, with flu-like symptoms. By Saturday, February 23, his condition was so bad the doctors didn’t know if he would live. And, now he has been granted a miracle by God and is expected to fully recover.


Heath developed an infection called Necrotizing Fasciitis. It is very, very rare. The survival rate is only 20 percent. Heath’s legs were amputated above the knee in order to save his life. He will go through a great deal of therapy to regain his upper body strength but once he does he will be magnificent!


I need to personally say a very, very special “thank you” to Cherie Brown. I know God saved Heath’s life, but there is no doubt in my mind that God used you that day to play a major role in Heath’s survival; I can never thank you enough, you will never be forgotten.


Also, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart, three awesome ladies: Sage Loyd, Teresa Echols and Tanja Bonnette; and the cook Mr. Ron Echols. These were the people behind the scenes of the Hot Dogs for Heath fundraiser. They made it happen and did a phenomenal job! You all should feel very proud of yourselves for what you have done. God certainly has blessings in store for you!


Thank you Cherie Brown, Sage Loyd, Teresa and Ron Echols, Tanja Bonnette, everyone I babysit for, the Team Kids children from First Baptist Church, the Men’s Adult 2 Sunday School Class from First Baptist Church, Mrs. Vernie Childress and Angela, Raegan Bonnette, the sales staff of Ryburn Motor Co., the children of Small Wonder Daycare, Josh and Mrs. Joyce Creed, Kim Reed, Mrs. Ruby, Bruce and Lisa Brown, Barrett Brown, Debbie and Raymond Martin, Sara Beth and Tommy Vestal, Morgan and Aaron Storey, Jennifer and G, Kayla and Jasmine Goree, Wade Beck, Jillian Pacheco, Mrs. Whitney Maggard and her 9th grade class, Jennifer Edson, Cassidy’s co-workers at Baptist for making this time easier for her, Rachel Clark, Cathy Gavin, Mrs. Winders and Joy, Katie Beth Wilson, Megan Titsworth, Bro. Mike Titsworth, Bro. Bruce Venable, Rita Venable, Bro. Jimmy Albreicht, Bro. David Mitchell, Jeremy Woodall, Melissa Kay Harper, 971 Salon (Randi Atkins, Sonya Drake and Tess Kilcrease), All Time Fitness, Barbara Martin, Barry and Stacey Davis, Becky Flemister, Beth Davis, Betty Smith, Bob and Freddie Lee, Cara Fletcher, Cindy McKinstry, City Drug, Commercial Bank, Connie Mullis, Custom Metals (Darrell McDaniel), Custom Wireless, Debbie Pace, Debra Beck, Dede Gibson, Denise Adams, Discount Merchandise, ESA, Finishing Touch Detail, Follett Bookstore, Fuller Lawn & Garden, Gail Shelby, Gay Pace, Gift Shaker, Good Enuf to Eat, Greenscape Nursery, Impressions (Lisa Tucker and Leigh Farley), Jackie Pace, James and Pat Paugh, Jay Jones, Jeff Loveless, Jennifer Elam, Jerry Hilton, Jo Ann Bagwell, Jo Ann Long, Joan Adcock, John and Cindy Sass, Judy Daw, Jay Reed, Keepsakes, Keith Wallace, Kelly Hollingsworth, Kim Lee, LA Graphics, Laura Ashton Casteel, Leticia Adams, Linda Wilkinson, Lindy Hester, Lora Long, Mark and Laurie Ray, Marvin and Karen Fawley, Matt Cotton, Michael and Alicia Shephard, Mike and Suzanne Zieman, Mildred Chastain, Missie Sanders, Misty Harville, Monticello Exxon, Mrs. Robert Meek, O’Fallon Veterinary Service, Patty Mitchell, Posh Salon (Brittany Martin, Lacy Eppinette, Krista Jones and mary Smith), Renea Withers, Rhonda Bryant, Robert Harrell Martin, Roger and Mandy Hayden, Ryburn Automotive, Sarah and Jason Hobbs, Save-A-Lot, Searson’s, Shelly Smith Photography, Small Wonder, David Funderburg’s State Farm agency, Teresa Stark, Town & Country Florist, The Tree-O, The Trotter House, Union Bank, Vandee Photography, Village State House, Young’s BBQ, the bidders and winners of the silent auction, Ms. Micah Montgomery, Monticello High School Class of 2002, Hopes for Heath Facebook followers, Capelli Salon, The Advance (Gina Lawrence and Tom White), Drew Memorial Hospital, Baptist Health Medical Center (emergency room, ICU South, 6C, BHRI, the doctors, nurses, therapists, techs, aides), and each and every one of you who said a prayer, and finally and foremost to our Heavenly Father. I hope I haven’t missed anyone… and if I have please know that we thank you too!


Heath is still in BHRI. He is doing very well. We still do not have a clear discharge date. He will want and need lots of company once he is home. Your concern, support, love and prayers are most appreciated. God Bless You All!


Lots and Lots of Love,
Health Loveless, Randy, Jennifer and Cassidy Gavin


P.S. This very, very rare infection – Necrotizing Fasciitis – is not something you can prevent. It’s everywhere and no person is out of its reach. For more information visit the National Necrotizing Foundation.