Chicot Memorial Medical Center issued a news release Friday saying a patient who had recently traveled to West Africa and had been treated at the hospital for flu-like symptoms was deemed no risk by the Arkansas Health Department and Centers for Disease and Control.

Friday 10 p.m. News Release

The patient who was treated earlier this morning, per state health and Centers For Disease Control guidelines returned this evening with increased symptoms. He was admitted and placed in appropriate isolation and treated. He is now being transferred to another facility for a higher level of care. His condition has improved and per state health and CDC guidelines still is in a category of very low or no risk for Ebola based on travel history. All areas where the patient has been treated are being appropriately decontaminated and all services of our hospital are expected to be at full function by morning.  —  David Mantz, CEO, Chicot Memorial Medical Center

Friday 1 p.m. News Release:

Chicot Memorial Medical Center treated a patient this morning with flu-like symptoms who recently traveled to West Africa. Our staff took all the appropriate precautions and followed CDC guidelines and protocols. After the State Health Department and CDC reviewed the travel history of the patient they deemed the patient of no risk. The patient was discharged and sent home. With a coordinated effort between the patient, our great staff, the State Health Department, Local Hazmat officials, and the CDC, the situation was safely handled.

–David Mantz, CEO, Chicot Memorial Medical Center