Gary Meggs and Mike Huckabee

Gary Meggs and Mike Huckabee

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee has announced his endorsement of GOP candidate Gary Meggs in this bid for the new 9th District state House seat.

The former Arkansas governor and Fox News host said in a statement that Meggs is a “strong conservative” who “believes that the region needs forward thinking and positive, common sense change.”

The full text of the Huckabee statement:

“Huck PAC and I are proud to endorse Gary Meggs. for Arkansas State Representative in District 9.


Gary Meggs is married and a strong conservative. He has 22 years of military service in the Air Force and National Guard.


Gary believes that Arkansas can foster new business and world class education. He is convinced that these efforts will draw many new people to the area and give our young people the opportunity to stay in Arkansas after high school and college.


Gary says it is no secret that southeast Arkansas is losing jobs, losing people, and lagging behind in terms of educating our children. He knows that maintaining the status quo is no longer acceptable because it simply is not working. He believes that the region needs forward thinking and positive common sense change.


Meggs is strongly pro life and believes that innocent lives must be protected. He opposes using federal funds for embryonic stem cell research. Gary supports a Constitutional Amendment for the preservation of human life and supports the 2nd Amendment. He opposes efforts in any way to restrict firearm ownership for law abiding citizens. Gary also supports a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as being one between a man and a woman for life.


Gary also supports school choice and opposes government bailouts of private businesses and Obamacare. I hope you will join the Huck PAC family and me in supporting Gary Meggs for election as Arkansas State Representative in District 9.