Asa Hutchinson

UPDATE – May 31:
President Donald Trump approved Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s request for additional emergency funding for flooding in Arkansas. Read Trump’s Emergency Declaration here.

UPDATE – May 29:
Gov. Asa Hutchinson increased emergency funding to $375,000 for  flooding along the Arkansas River. The governor also wrote President Donald Trump requesting increased federal support.

Original Story:
Gov. Asa Hutchinson this morning approved $100,000 in emergency funding to assist with support efforts in the Arkansas River flooding.

The flooding along the Arkansas River that began in western Arkansas is expected to reach record levels throughout the state in the coming week.

“This morning, the Arkansas National Guard, Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, and Arkansas State Police provided me with a detailed briefing about the state’s ongoing support efforts in communities experiencing record flood levels along the Arkansas River,” Hutchinson said. “I have received a number of requests for aid from communities, and I immediately approved the release of $100,000 of emergency funds to support sandbagging work.

“I appreciate all the neighbors and volunteers filling sandbags and assisting with evacuations. The state team is continuing to respond to assistance requests, and more funds will be allocated as the situation demands.”