Gov. Asa Hutchinson has extended Arkansas’s Covid-19 public health and disaster emergency for an additional 45 days, he announced at a news conference today.

He originally declared the emergency on March 11, amended it on March 26, and extended it today, March 5.

“Every industry sector in Arkansas has been affected by the outbreak of Covid-19,” Hutchinson said. “The pandemic continues to have a statewide impact on grocery stores, small businesses, pharmacies, hospitals, and restaurants to name a few. It’s important that we continue to adequately support and protect our industries and people until the threat is no longer imminent.”

Hutchinson also issued an updated directive for out-of-state travelers. Under the new directive, all travelers from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Orleans, and all international locations must follow quarantine directives outlined by the Arkansas Department of Health Secretary Dr. Nate Smith. Hutchinson and Smith identified those locations based on the high level of Covid-19 cases in those areas.

Smith may amend the list of quarantine locations as the situation progresses.