State Sen. Gene Jeffress, who led returns all night Tuesday, defeated Hot Springs attorney Q. Byrum Hurst in the 4th Congressional District runoff with 61 percent of the vote in the 33-county district.
The complete, unofficial results:
Jeffress – 15,254 – 61 percent
Hurst – 9,878 – 39 percent

In a concession speech Tuesday night, Hurst pledged his support to Jeffress in the general election when he faces Republican Tom Cotton.

“Now more than ever, it is clear that this district deserves a Democrat committed to building on the track record of Mike Ross, and I am committed to working with State Senator Gene Jeffress to ensure we can move Arkansas forward,” Hurst said.

Cotton also offered his congratulations after the final votes were tallied.

“I congratulate Gene Jeffress on his victory,” Cotton said. “I look forward to a vigorous and civil campaign focused on solving America’s debt crisis, repealing ObamaCare and saving Medicare, and promoting economic growth and job creation through tax and regulatory reform,” Cotton said. “Arkansans want and deserve a principled debate on these critical issues.”