Jim Brewer captured in print and photos countless thrilling moments at the University of Arkansas at Monticello and shared those moments with countless people through his roles as the university’s director of media services and sports information director.

“There are not many people associated with UAM who have the history and passion for UAM and athletics as Jim Brewer and his wife, Susan,” Padraic McMeel, UAM’s director of athletics, said in a news release announcing Brewer as the recipient of UAM’s 2019 Boll Weevil Spirit Award.

“Not only has Jim experienced so many of the special moments in athletics over the last 40 years, but he has captured and shared those moments with thousands of student-athletes and fans through is writing and photography. We cannot thank Jim enough for all he has done for UAM and the Department of Athletics. He will always be a Weevil.”

Brewer, who retired last year after 40 years as UAM’s director of media services, will be inducted into the University of Arkansas at Monticello Athletics Hall of Fame as the 2019 Boll Weevil Spirit Award recipient.

“This is a wonderful honor and I am both humbled and grateful to be recognized by the Hall of Fame,” said Brewer. “I have a lot of great memories from my time at UAM. It was an honor and privilege to be able to chronicle the exploits of so many great athletes and coaches.”

In a September 2018 feature story in the UAM Alumni Magazine, following his retirement, Brewer shared some of his favorite UAM memories, many of which were athletic events.

“One of the memories I’ve always cherished is the Ouachita game in 1983,” Brewer said. “We were down, 24-7, with about eight minutes left when OBU fumbled. Joe Don Samples got hot and started completing pass after pass. We eventually rallied and won the game on a last-second field goal, 25-24. That’s still my favorite UAM football game.”

Many of Brewer’s memories include people, some of whom became his oldest and dearest friends. “Doug Barnes was the basketball coach when I first came to Monticello,” Brewer said. “To this day he is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We shared a duplex for six years. It was kind of a bachelor pad. Lots of great memories.”

Brewer began his career at UAM as director of information and sports information, but when UAM moved to the NCAA, “the job got bigger and bigger,” Brewer said.

“Actually, I wore three hats,” he said. “I started out as director of information and sports information. Then I inherited the yearbook, so I was yearbook advisor as well. I was doing three different jobs. Finally, I went to Dr. (Fred) Taylor and said, ‘Look, I can’t keep doing this. I can’t do any of the three jobs properly. We’ve outgrown what one person can possibly do.’ So he let me hire a sports information director.”

Jim and his wife, Susan, a 33-year UAM employee who also retired, moved to Bentonville to be near their daughter, Lauren, their son, Doug, and their two granddaughters.