judge-david-laserSpecial Judge David Laser on Monday found Jim Hall of Monticello ineligible to serve as Arkansas State Representative.

Hall, the Republican nominee for Arkansas District 9 State Representative for the upcoming two-year term as well as a write-in candidate to complete the final two months of the late State Rep. Sheilla Lampkin‘s unexpired term, pleaded guilty in April of violating the state’s hot check law.

At a hearing in Drew County on Monday, Laser said Hall had been convicted of an infamous crime and was ineligible to serve.

“It is a ruling of the court as a matter of law, Mr. Hall, you have been found guilty and convicted of an offense that includes as an element the intent to defraud and on that basis it amounts to an infamous crime under the Arkansas Constitution which renders you ineligible to take or serve office of State Representative at either upcoming election….”

Hall claimed that he did not intend to defraud anyone. Though he pleaded guilty to the crime, he attributed the hot check to “bank errors” and others’ attempt defraud. He said he was in the process of getting his record sealed.

Hall implied that the move to keep him off the ballot was part of a conspiracy by both the Republican and Democratic parties.