Christopher Darden

One of the three juveniles charged in the March stabbing of a Drew County man is now facing charges in Independence County where he reportedly stabbed a jailer at the White River Juvenile Detention Facility with a broomstick handle fashioned into a weapon, according to Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober.

Gober said 15-year-old Christopher Darden repeatedly stabbed the female jailer Wednesday when she entered a cell with the inmates’ meals. Darden and two other juvenile inmates attacked two other jailers as well but were subsequently subdued, according to Gober.

Darden, who is facing attempted capital murder, aggravated robbery, theft, and theft by receiving charges in Drew County in connection with the March 15 stabbing of Bobby Strickland at Lacey, now faces aggravated assault of an officer charges and one count of attempted escape in Independence County.

The three injured jailers were taken to a Batesville Hospital where they were treated and released.