Kathryn Lowe Collier

Kathryn Lowe Collier

Kathryn Lowe Collier, 75, of Monticello, passed away on March 27, 2018.

She was born on August 17, 1942 at Monticello and was the daughter of the late Naomi Whitaker Lowe and the late James Vernon Lowe. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Monticello.

Although Kathryn was born at Monticello, she lived at Selma, Arkansas, and attended school there for the first ten years of her school life. She graduated from Drew Central High School in Monticello (where she attended her junior and senior years) and the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Math. Kathryn taught math at Tulsa, Oklahoma and then moved to Munich, Germany to work for the federal government. Subsequently, she moved back to Selma, Arkansas where she taught in the Selma Public Schools.

In 1976, Kathryn was tapped to start the HUD Rental Assistance Housing Program in Drew County. This program has existed and expanded through the years to include the latest addition, the apartments for the handicapped. Kathryn oversaw the construction and the funding for this addition to the program. However, Kathryn readily admits the smartest thing she did was hire Samantha Berry as a secretary. Samantha has been named the executive director, totally runs the ADFA Home Program, and other aspects of the business.

Although Kathryn’s talents are numerous, her hobbies included anything to do with cooking, traveling, playing bridge and recently crocheting. She was happy when she was planning a party, such as her legendary Christmas party for her lady friends, or even a small dinner party for her birthday group. Regardless of the size of the party, each one received meticulous planning; from the composition of the menu to how the table would look. Kathryn actually was happiest when cooking for her parties or for her friends, and she was known for her late-night cooking sprees.

If there is one word that would have described Kathryn, it would be “generous”. She was generous to a fault with her time, her cooking talent, and her willingness to help people, particularly if such help pertained to the culinary arts. She and her friend, the late Sue Cathey, spent a lot of time working in the kitchen, with each one telling the other what to do, and, yes, even how to do it.

Kathryn is survived by two sons, Frederick (Fred) Lowe Collier (Selena) of Watertown, South Dakota, and Louis (Lou) Erwin Collier (Jeannie) of Halley, Arkansas; two grandchildren, Elise Collier and Larsen Collier; a brother, Miles Whitaker Lowe, of Selma; and two nephews, Vernon Lowe of San Diego, California, and Tillman Lowe (Heather), of Selma, Arkansas. Also surviving is a great niece, Alex Lowe.

A memorial service for Kathryn will be held on Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 11 a.m. at the First United Methodist Church in Monticello.

The family requests that memorials be made to First United Methodist Church, 317 South Main Street, Monticello, AR, 71655.


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