LAKE VILLAGE — The 3rd annual 5k Firecracker race in Lake Village broke its former record of participants with 147 runners and walkers hitting the streets on Jul 4. Cammie Trexler, director of the Community Fitness & Outreach Center, started the races in 2010 as a way of raising funds for the community center and promoting walking and running in the community. 

The first year attracted 50 runners/walkers. In its second year, 97 walkers/runners participated. Because of its increasing popularity, the race became a part of the Healing Hearts Initiative proclaimed by Mayor JoAnne Bush and the Lake Village City Council and other partners.

The mayor and council members, along with many other groups formed teams that worked together for several weeks training for the 5k. The Chicot Memorial Medical Center team won the team trophy. All 147 runners and walkers from various towns in the Delta competed for trophies representing several divisions by age and gender. The winners were:

7-19 year old age group
1st place – Rubin Redmon time: 21:09
2nd place – Jacob Roush time: 25:04
1st place – Anna Fabick time 29:00
2nd place – Anna Louhon time 37:03

20-29 year old age group
1st place – Aaron Dillard time 23:19
2nd place – Andrew Vaughn time 25:10
1st place – Elizabeth Michael time 29:53
2nd place – Anna Stephenson time 33:00

30-39 year old age group
1st place – Stan Clark time 23:25
2nd place – Chris Vaughn time 28:55
1st place – Eddie Fava time 23:30
2nd place – Cara Harris time 27:24

40-49 year old age group
1st place – Don Reynaldo time 21;05
2nd place – Keith Fabick time 21:39
1st place – Angie Lauhon time 28:52
2nd place – Andrea Allbritton time 35:15

50-59 year old age group
1st place – Jackie Lauhon time 28:50
2nd place – Ronnie Wilson time 36:53
1st place – Sara Henderson time 27:33
2nd place – Angela Dillard time 30:33

60-69 year old age group
1st place – Paul Michael time 29:05
2nd place – Randy Russell time 30:42
1st place – Joyce Brooks time 40:59
2nd place – Dorothy Overman time 43:14

1st place – Gerald Williamson time 47:42
1st place – Laverne Bariola time 51:32