When the 2017 Legislative session begins on January 9, lawmakers will consider a bill that would ban students from using smartphones and other electronic devices at all public schools in Arkansas.

State Rep. Kim Hendren, a Republican from Gravette, filed the bill this week

It would require each school district to establish a secure, designated area for students to deposit their device at the beginning of the school day and pick them up at the end of the day. Any device that is deposited in the designated area at the beginning of the day is subject to forfeiture.

It would be up to the school district to decide whether or not to allow a student to use their cell phone in the event of an emergency.

Hendren told KATV: “If it’s going to allow a young boy in that class to email, or however they do…Instagram or whatever they do, a girl in their class to send him a nude or partial nude picture, which is going on now in the public schools, it ought not be done in the classroom.”