Rep. Jeff Wardlaw

An article in the Sunday issue of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and a follow-up article in the Arkansas Times raise questions about Rep. Jeff Wardlaw’s business ties to Michael Morton, a majority owner in about 30 nursing homes, and David Norsworthy, who holds stock in 15 nursing homes across the state as a minority partner to Morton and has served as president of the nursing home industry’s statewide lobbying association board and is the officer for a campaign finance committee that directs industry contributions to select House members.

Wardlaw, a Republican from Bradley County, is co-chairman of the powerful Arkansas Legislative Council and previously was chairman of the House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee which oversees health matters, like nursing homes.

Wardlaw was a partner with Norwworthy in a medical supply company which he sold last month to Morton. Wardlaw is now Morton’s employee.

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