On May 3, 2012 John Brooks murdered my sister, Nell Johnson. We would like to take this time to try to stop some of the rumors and accusations spreading around Facebook and gossip. Some of his family members are making accusations that his daughter had some involvement in the murder and that John Brooks is pleading guilty to cover for her. This is not true according to DNA evidence obtained by the Prosecuting Attorney’s office. So if John Brooks’ family has any evidence to prove that she had any involvement in the murder, Nell’s family and the Prosecuting Attorney would like to know about it. Just because John Brooks has pleaded GUILTY to all three counts to include Capital Murder, other arrest could be made in the future if there is any evidence.

Nell Johnson’s family had compassion for John’s father and mother and his family by agreeing to accept the plea deals of three consecutive life sentences and sparing John Brooks’ life along with the agony and expense of a trial. So please have some compassion for Nell’s family and stop the rumors!!

The Johnson and Gillam family would like to put this tragedy behind us and try to cope with the loss of our loved one. The Brooks family can visit John Brooks in prison, but we have to visit Nell at the Jennie cemetery. UNTIL THE EVIDENCE PROVES OTHERWISE, JOHN BROOKS IS A MURDERER NOT A MARTYR!!

Harvey and Judy Gillam