I did not realize Frank Jackson was still writing columns for the newspaper. I guess I have over looked them in the past. I’m sure this wasn’t just an opportunity to run the present mayor down and to promote Zach Tucker.

What town needs a 25 year old non-experienced mayor?

I couldn’t contact Mr. Jackson by telephone to enlighten him on a statement he made about Mayor Rogers. Mr. Jackson has an unlisted telephone number and I don’t have a mailing address.

There is no one in Monticello that loves Monticello and Drew County more than I do. When I moved back to Monticello in 1993, I could have put my retail business anywhere I wanted to. The Northgate strip mall was just being developed. I knew from the very start my business would be in the downtown area. I have no regret about my decision.

Mr. Jackson stated in his guest column that Mayor Rogers took it on himself to renovate the downtown square. That is not correct.

Mayor Rogers was involved and supported efforts and decisions of a committee. This committee did not always agree but the majority vote of the committee went forward with the project. The work in the downtown square area was done in three phases. The square phase was the second phase. The concrete walks of the square had become unsafe over the years and were not smooth or safe for foot traffic or wheel chairs, nor was it handicap accessible. Flower beds were terrible. The irrigation system didn’t work. I could go on and on about the problems that we overcame. Most individuals are not really aware of the poor condition the “downtown square” was in. I wonder how long, or if ever, a lot of Monticello residents have been on the square. You should make a trip downtown. There is a lot more going on downtown than you might think. I want to thank Glenda Nichols, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, and Mayor Rogers for help in making Monticello’s Square one that all of Monticello can be proud of.

Mr. Jackson is correct about the square belonging to the county. The crew that Mr. Jackson referred to as ripping up the square worked hard to move the concrete circle with the various designs to the museum for safe storage until the square work was completed. They are still beautiful and are back on the square. History was restored.

Mayor Rogers loves Monticello. He was born, raised here and lived here his whole life.

Regarding the bridges, while living in Louisiana I served on the Morehouse Parish Police Jury which is the same as the Drew County Quorum Court. Any city council member, mayor, quorum court member or county judge knows you do when and what FEMA says.

Zach Tucker is a nice young man. I personally don’t think the listed qualifications make him qualified for the job of Mayor of Monticello.

By the time this is published in the newspaper the election will be over. Whoever is mayor, come January 1, 2015, I will support in any way I can. They have a hard job ahead of them.

Pat Mitchell-Hood
Monticello, Arkansas