Lost wedding ring found

Monticello Police Chief Eddy Deaton, a metal detector hobbyist, recently found a wedding ring lost 14 years ago in Lake Monticello.

After learning that the water level at Lake Monticello was being lowered, Jason Lovell of Warren, contacted Deaton to see if he could perhaps help search for his wife’s lost wedding ring.

Lovell told Deaton that he, his wife, Telea Lovell, and the couple’s daughter were fishing in a cove at Lake Monticello 14 years ago when Telea lost the ring. He explained that Telea had put sunscreen on their little girl, then leaned back in her boat seat and discovered that her ring was gone. Unable to find the ring after searching the boat, they concluded that the ring was in the lake.

One day while talking about the missing ring at a gunsmith shop in Cleveland County, the gunsmith suggested that Lovell call Deaton to see if he could help search for it.

“I got the call and met Jason at the lake,” Deaton said. “We walked to the cove were the ring was thought to have came off. Jason marked off a fairly large area and I promised him I would do my best to find it.

“I walked to the cove three separate days and searched the area and after about an hour on the third day, I found the ring,” Deaton said. “It was about six inches in the ground and was a really weak signal on my metal detector. I wiped the mud from the ring with a soft cloth I carry in my bag so as to not scratch the gold. I called Jason and sent a picture of the ring to him. He was very excited that it was found and came straight to the lake to meet me.”

Lovell wanted to surprise his wife with the ring on their December wedding anniversary, according to Deaton.

“He wanted me to be there when he gave her the ring,” Deaton said. “Well, Jason had to leave the next day for work and would be gone for a month. So he devised a plan. His dad took the ring to Cooper’s Jewelry to have it sized and cleaned. When he returned we talked about several scenarios on how to surprise her. Well, Telea’s mother fell a couple weeks ago and broke several bones. Telea was really down about her mother’s accident, so Jason called me and wanted to give her the ring on Friday at Cooper’s. They got to the business first, then Jason texted me to tell me they were there. I came in and acted like a customer and started filming the whole thing. Cooper’s had it sized and cleaned the ring and put it a box with a tag on it. The ring was in their display case like it was for sale.”

Cooper’s Jewelry was in on the surprise, Deaton said.