Tanya Loveless

Tanya Loveless, the executive deputy in the Drew County Tax Collector’s office, has announced her candidacy for Drew County Tax Collector in the May primary.

Currently, the Drew County Sheriff and Collector position is a dual position, held by the sheriff. However, legislation passed in 2011 separates the offices in Drew County into two different entities, requiring two different elected officials.

Loveless, a Democratic, has worked in the Collector’s Office since 2005 after more than 15 years in the insurance business as a dual-licensed insurance agent, co-owing an insurance agency and previously as an office manager for Savage Insurance Agency, according to a news release announcing her candidacy.

She is a member of the Arkansas Collectors Association and the Association of Arkansas Counties with more than forty-eight continuing education hours.

She says she attends annual Association of Arkansas Counties legislative seminars in order to stay current on changes Arkansas law and works with the Drew County Quorum Court to maintain the budget for the Collector’s office and meet its personnel, equipment and software requirements.

Explaining the requirements for the office, Loveless says “tax collection” is not a single job in itself, it is a process with multiple entities involved.

“It is not an easily explained process with information provided, updated, corrected and the disbursed to the correct offices,” she wrote in her campaign announcement. “Reports are done on a daily, monthly, and annual basis not only for county records but also for state audit. If laws for the (County) Assessor changes, it often causes changes for the Collector and therefore changes to the Circuit Clerk and Treasurer. It is a combined effort and these offices work together to get the job done.

During the 2010 tax year, the office collected over $7 million in current taxes and over $500,000 in delinquent taxes, dating back to 1996, Loveless said.

“This office strives to collect as much tax money, current or delinquent, as possible but it is not an easy task as one may think,” she said. “Often, the County Attorney and the Land Commissioner’s office become involved in the process.”

Loveless said she strives to maintain the Collector’s office within its budget and while adhering to state and county laws, and believes her seven-plus years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to the office would be an asset.

A life-long Arkansas resident, Loveless spent over 35 years of her life in Drew County. She is a graduate of Drew Central High School and attended the University of Arkansas at Monticello. She is a Baptist and has three sons and two grandchildren.