Mainline Health Systems will be admitting patients to Drew Memorial Health System.

Dr. Fredy Cordova of Mainline Health Systems, Dr. Jeff Reinhart of Reinhart Family Healthcare, and Dr. Connelley of Connelley Family Medical, have been working over the past several months to ensure that everyone in Southeast Arkansas can be admitted to Drew Memorial Hospital by a local physician.

The collaboration between the three doctors will ensure that all patients can be admitted to the hospital and can have quality care, close to home, seven days a week, Reinhart said, speaking on behalf of the three physicians.

“We will also be able to consult other specialists and physicians in our area if the need arises,” Reinhart said. “We strongly believe that we are here to serve the people of Southeast Arkansas by giving them the best quality medical care close to home with the kindness and respect they deserve. We look forward to working together to continue to serve the people of Southeast Arkansas and Drew County.”