Mainline Health System’s is looking to expand its mental and behavioral health services to some of its school-based settings.

These services can include an initial assessment, treatment plans, individualized therapy, and medication management as deemed appropriate.

“Integrating mental and behavioral health services alongside existing medical and dental services is simply the next step in wrapping our arms around the WHOLE child,” said Angela Crow, director of Mainline’s school-based health services.

Crow said school districts are reaching out with a strong desire to find ways to assist parents and students with this growing need, as the availability of these services by other organizations is rapidly changing. Providing this additional care right on campus will help serve those that need it most.

Children will be able to access the care they need during the school day, minimizing their out of class time and lessening the burden of parents who would have to otherwise leave work to transport their child for services.

Improving the overall mental and behavioral health of a child can make a major impact on his or her academic success.