Mainline Health Systems was named Star City Business of the Year Tuesday night during the Star City Chamber of Commerce Banquet.

Mainline was established in 1978 by a group of agricultural leaders in Portland (Ashley County) who wanted access to healthcare for people in their community. It has grown from its one location in Portland to seven medical clinics, three dental clinics and 10 school-based health clinics across Southeast Arkansas. Throughout its expansion, Mainline’s mission has remained the same: To provide access to healthcare to everyone.

Mainline was first established in Star City in 2013. It was the product of years of planning and hard work by the people of Star City.

Due to Mainline’s growth and increasing number of patients in Star City, it soon outgrew its original building. Mainline opened its new building in Star City in July of 2015. The 7,500-plus square-foot facility is better equipped to handle the patient volume and allowed Mainline to offer more services in Star City.

Mainline continued its expansion in Star City by providing services to the schools. Mainline currently has two clinics on the Star City School District campus, one is located in the Jimmy Brown Elementary School and one is located in the former school administration building.

The Star City Mainline currently offers medical, dental, behavioral health, lab and x-ray services.

The Star City Mainline won four national awards in 2017: Clinical Quality Improvers Award, Health Center Quality Leaders Award, Enhancing Access to Care Award and Addressing Health Disparities Award. Mainline is also a NCQA recognized patient centered medical home.

Mainline is a 501c3 non profit governed by a board of directors made up of its patients representing every area it serves.

Mainline’s role in the healthcare community is to respond to the needs of the people and Mainline’s board and staff is as dedicated as ever to delivering on this mission. As a result, Mainline is Star City’s 2018 Business of the Year, and is a finalist for Arkansas Non Profit Business of the Year.