Award winning native Arkansan Jeff Nichols brings his next feature film home. MUD, written and directed by Nichols, and starring Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey, will begin filming soon in and around the surrounding areas of Dumas, Dewitt and Stuttgart, according to a news release from The Agency, a Little Rock casting agency.

The film is a coming of age drama centered on two boys (Ellis and Neckbone) who encounter a mysterious fugitive (Mud) on an island in the Mississippi River. Intrigued by this man, the boys enter a pact to help him escape capture. A friendship evolves as Mud teaches the boys as much as he learns from them.

Area residents have the opportunity to participate in the film as extras and stand-ins, according to the news release.

The following types and ages are needed for several scenes in this movie:

•16-20 year old males and females, who look to be juniors and seniors, will be cast as typical teens hanging out after school – many of these roles
require the use of extras’ autos.

• Townspeople of all races and ages (18-plus), many of which will require use of vehicles as well, for various scenes around a small town’s main street.

• Bar patrons, with vehicles for parking lot, ages 25-75.

• Townspeople for a small roadblock scene, all races and ages (18-plus), all with vehicles and a valid drivers license.

Extras’ vehicles may simply be parked in retail lots, or driven by the extras in and out of the scenes. We are looking mostly for American-made autos, including cars, pick-ups, jeeps and service vehicles, in a variety of ages, colors and conditions. It is important when making an application to list not only your personal vehicle, but also descriptions of other family members’ cars to which you have access. No white or vivid bright colors, please. Some cars and trucks in need of paint jobs or bodywork (yet drivable) are also requested. The goal is to cast real people with typical cars in small town Americana.

We need stand-ins to work for principal actors while camera and lighting equipment is being set up. Several adults of varying heights and hair colors may be cast with multiple days.

A very special opportunity we have is to cast stand-ins for our two teen actors.We are looking for two adult Caucasian males, 18-plus who are 5’1-5’3”, with light or medium brown hair; weighing less than 120 pounds. These stand-ins must be available for full-time work.

Open call for teens: Strictly 16-19 years old. (No one older or younger will be able to be seen). Due to 6 a.m. call times we are looking for teens who live in Stuttgart or within an hour radius of Dumas.
WHERE: The Best Western ­ 704 West Michigan St,, Stuttgart, AR.
WHEN: Saturday September 17.
TIME: 2 p.m. Please bring a non returnable head & shoulders snapshot.

We cannot accept any applications for those under the age of 16. We encourage everyone within an hour radius of Stuttgart and Dumas to make application to the MUD casting department as soon as possible. A special email has been established for area residents at [email protected].

Please include your name, age, height, hair color, ALL contact numbers and a description of vehicle(s) of which you have access (make, model, year, color and general condition. We also need a current snapshot of yourself included in email.

You also have the option of mailing the same information along with a non-returnable picture to MUD Casting, 802 West 8th Street, Little Rock, AR 72201. Don’t delay. Put in your application with all information as soon as possible. Extras cast will begin receiving phone calls the week of 9/19. Though casting will continue throughout the eight weeks of filming, the majority of roles will work the first few weeks of our filming schedule.

Come have fun and help us make a great movie for a wonderful director. This is Jeff Nichols’ third feature film. The award-winning Shotgun Stories is followed by Take Shelter, scheduled for release in October by Sony Pictures Classics. Take Shelter won the Critics’ Week Grand Prize and the Fipresci Award at the renowned Cannes Film Festival in May of 2011, and is featured on many critics’ lists of likely Academy Award contenders.