Two malnourished horses were taken last week from their owner. The horses’ owner told the Drew County Sheriff’s Office he was unable to care for the animals.

horse 1

One of two malnourished horses taken from owner.

After receiving a report that horses were running freely near a highway in Drew County, a Drew County deputy went to a residence where he saw five horses, three were in good condition, but two were very malnourished, according to a news release from the Drew County Sheriff’s Office.

“We had a local vet inspect the horses and he agreed with our assessment,” Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober said in the news release. “The owner agreed that he would provide the horses with proper care at this point. He was advised that random check ups would be performed. Over the next few weeks, there appeared to be no change in the condition of the horses and food and water was limited to the animals.”

horse 2

The malnourished horses are now in the care of Give Me a Second Chance Equine Rescue.

Due to concerns about the horses, Gober contacted an animal rescue service.

“I arranged to have Give Me a Second Chance Equine Rescue arrive on Friday, October 16, to take the horses into their care,” Gober said.
“The owner was advised at the property that the two horses were to be seized by the sheriff’s department and turned over to the rescue service.”

The owner, whose identity was not disclosed, agreed that he was unable to provide proper care for the two horses.

Though the other three horses were considered to be in good condition, the sheriff’s office will check on the horses periodically to insure their health is maintained.

“On Saturday, I took a large gate to the property, and with the help of (the owner’s) children, the gate was hung,” Gober said, adding that several sections of the fence were mended to prevent the horses from getting out of the pasture.

The sheriff’s office is also monitoring the health and care of two other horses in separate parts of the county.

Citizens are encouraged to call the sheriff’s department with health concerns of any animals that they think might be malnourished and/or not properly cared for. If you are the owner of an animal that isn’t in good health, you are encouraged to contact your local veterinarian, to receive proper instructions on how to provide proper care for your animal.

Animal rescue services, many times are able to improve the condition of the horse and once good health is established families are given the opportunity to adopt the horse.