A man was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly beat and threatened to kill his wife and injured his grandfather, dragging him about 35 yards from a vehicle and running over his legs, according to a news release from the Drew County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from Caleb Hall’s grandfather reporting that his grandson had broken the windows of his wife’s car, was fighting her and threatened to kill her.

Hall’s age and place of residence was not disclosed in the news release.

Hall’s grandfather, who reported that he was following the vehicle occupied by Hall and Hall’s wife, said Hall was striking her while the couple was traveling down the road in the Lacey area.

“While en route to the call of the domestic disturbance it was relayed to authorities that immediate assistance was needed on Highway 133 in Lacey, that the incident was now stationary on the side of the roadway,” the news release reads.

Upon arrival, Sgt. A.C. Simpson reportedly saw Hall go to his grandfather’s truck. Simpson ordered him to stop, but Hall refused to do so and got into the driver’s side of the vehicle.

“At this point the grandfather of Hall attempted to get Hall to get out of the truck and to obey law enforcement but Hall refused and proceeded to drive off with his grandfather being drug down the highway for approximately 35 yards,” the news release reads. “When his grandfather could no longer hang on he fell onto the roadway and the rear of driver side tire ran over the legs of the grandfather.”

Hall stopped the vehicle to check on his grandfather, then drove drove off in his grandfather’s truck.

Hall’s grandfather was transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

In interviews with Hall’s wife and grandfather, authorities learned that Hall allegedly threatened to kill his wife and pushed her out of the slow moving vehicle. She then got into the vehicle with (Hall’s) grandfather, who had been following them, according to the news release.

“Hall then jumped in the back of the truck and proceeded to try and get inside the cab area of the vehicle,” the news release reads. “At this point the grandfather stopped the truck on the side of the highway.”

During a search for Hall, authorities learned that Hall allegedly abandoned the truck, stole a relative’s all terrain vehicle was believed to have taken a pistol from the truck. Several hours later, authorities learned that Hall was at the Lacey Cemetery.

When law enforcement arrived, Hall fled on the ATV but was apprehended shortly after, according to the news release.

No additional details were provided in the news release.