A Louisiana man died Tuesday after he reportedly became trapped in a combine harvester in Ashley County while assisting the combine operator.

Darryl Jackson, 56, of Bastrop, was rescued by the combine operator but died before paramedics arrived at the field near Wilmot where the accident occurred.

The accident occurred sometime before 5:24 p.m.

According to law enforcement officers, the combine operator said the header had gotten into a bind and was unable to turn. He told officers he backed the combine into a field to work on the header. He said he activated all the safety switches and turned off the machine before getting out, but the the header had not completed its last cycle and was still under pressure when Jackson, who had arrived to help work on the machine, was sucked into the header.

The combine operator was able to get Jackson out of the combine. He was still conscious when police arrived, but had lost both legs. He died before paramedics could get to the field.

Due to poor terrain in the field, the ambulance could not get to where the combine was parked. Law enforcement officers drove the EMS crew to the combine in their patrol car. When they arrived, the paramedics could not find a pulse. The coroner was called, and Jackson was pronounced dead at the scene.