Joshua Tompkins


A Monticello man was arrested early Friday morning when an employee of a local hair salon reportedly discovered him lying on a sofa in the salon. The salon had not yet opened for business.

Monticello Police Chief Eddy Deaton said it appeared to the employee that the man was sleeping. “We’re not sure if he was sleeping or faking,” Deaton said.

Joshua Tompkins, 22, likely will be charged with commercial burglary.

After discovering Tompkins lying on the sofa when opening the Stone Fox hair salon for business, the employee called police. Shortly thereafter, Monticello Police Detective Kenny Cox arrived and heard a door slam shut, according to Deaton.

“Cox went to the area of the noise and saw a male subject run out the side door,” Deaton said.

Following brief foot chase, Cox and Monticello Police Officer Shannon Cotton caught Tompkins on Borchardt Street about 100 yards from the salon.

Tompkins, who was arrested earlier this year for breaking and entering and theft, was out on bond at the time of the alleged burglary. He reportedly gained entrance to the salon by breaking a window.

Tompkins is currently being held in the Drew County Detention Center while awaiting a hearing in court.