Lonnie James MooreA Monticello man is being held in the Drew County Detention Center on allegations of bestiality and criminal trespassing.

Sunday evening, a man whose identity is redacted from a Monticello Police report, told police he had photos of someone committing bestiality on one of his horses. The photos depicted a light-skinned black male or Hispanic male with a shaved head or very short hair, cross tattoo on the right side of his chest and another tattoo on the back of his left arm, according to the police report.

Wednesday morning, Lonnie James Moore, 50, of Monticello went to the police station because he heard police wanted to talk to him. After talking with Monticello Police Chief Eddy Deaton, Moore was arrested on suspicion of bestiality and criminal trespassing, according to the police report.

Bestiality is a Class A misdemeanor. Moore’s court date is set for July 24.