Kenneth E Moore

An Ashley County man who was scheduled to go to trial this week for raping two young female relatives, impregnating one, has pleaded no contest to rape and sexual indecency.

Kenneth Earl Moore, 40, of Portland, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for raping one of the young girls and another six years for sexual indecency with the other girl.

Moore reportedly had sexual intercourse in late 2012 with a 14-year-old relative. The girl subsequently gave birth and a paternity test determined that Moore is the father of that child, according to a State Crime Lab report. “The probability of paternity is 99.99 percent,” Forensic DNA examiner Kelli Dixon wrote in the report.

Moore was also charged with raping a 13-year-old female relative in early 2013. He pleaded no contest to sexual indecency in that case.

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