Michael Phillips


A 41-year-old Monticello man who reportedly refused to pay a bar tab, urinated in the presence of customers and identified himself to a Drew County deputy as Billy Goat, is facing nearly a dozen charges, according to Lt. Tim Nichols, a criminal investigator with the Drew County Sheriff’s Office.

Nichols said Michael Phillips was reported to have been drinking at a local bar and became irate when asked to pay his bar tab.

“He refused to do so and when another person offered to pay his tab he became even more irate and began to threaten the generous person,” Nichols said.

When ordered to leave the bar, Phillips reportedly went outside and urinated on the patio in the presence of other customers.
Shortly thereafter, when the deputy arrived, Phillips fled on foot but was apprehended moments later and handcuffed. He was in possession of a small amount of marijuana, according to Nichols.

“The deputy asked him what his name was and the suspect cussed the deputy and refused to tell him his name,” Nichols said. “Finally the suspect gave a name of ‘Billy Goat’.”

Nichols said the deputy gave Phillips several opportunities to provide his real name but refused to do so. He repeatedly told the deputy his name is ‘Billy Goat’.

It wasn’t until Phillips was taken to the Drew County Detention Center that the deputy learned that the man is 41-year-old Michael Phillips who was recently released on bond after being arrested by the Monticello Police Department on felony charges.

Phillips is in the Drew County Detention Center where he is facing 11 charges, including theft of property, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, terroristic threatening, criminal trespass, indecent exposure, fleeing, interfering with governmental operations, possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and criminal impersonation, according to Nichols.