3:45 p.m. Orlando Lowe of Monticello was arrested Friday at 3:30 p.m. in southern Drew County about two miles from where he abandoned a car believed to have been stolen Friday morning in Monticello, according to Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober.

Lowe’s female companion is also being held for questioning. Law enforcement officials initially believed Lowe’s passenger in the vehicle was a male.

While conducting a search of an area west of U.S. 425 South, law enforcement officials learned that Lowe and his companion attempted to use the telephone of an area resident, according to Gober.

The Drew County Sheriff’s Office, Monticello Police Department, and State Police conducted the search with the aid of Arkansas Department of Correction horses and dogs.

Both Lowe and his companion will be turned over the the Monticello Police Department since the alleged car theft occurred in the city.

Original Story: Law enforcement officials are searching for a man who allegedly stole a car in Monticello Friday morning then abandoned the vehicle before fleeing on foot.

Drew County Sheriff Mark Gober said the man and his passenger abandoned the vehicle near the Drew and Ashley County line after they were seen by a State Trooper.

Gober said law enforcement officials are using Arkansas Department of Correction dogs and horses to search for the man and his passenger. They are believed to be black males. The search is being conducted in Drew County, west of U.S. 425 South near the county line.

“We’re making loops and drags with these dogs trying to pick up a good trail,” Gober said. “It’s possible he’s out here lost and wandering around; we don’t know at this time.”

Asked if the men are considered to be dangerous, Gober said, “not that we know of.”