The city of McGehee is seeing a bit of a construction boon as city planners prepare for a new residential subdivision and six duplexes for the elderly.

Last week, the city planning commission approved preliminary plans — with some conditions — for Cypress Gardens, a 36-home subdivision which will be built at the end of Ashley Street, according to McGehee Mayor Jack May.

Cypress Gardens will have a community center, a small park, sidewalks, curb-and-gutter streets and 1,300 square-foot rental homes with double carports.

Coastal Phoenix, a Nashville, Tenn. company is the developer of the HUD-funded project, according to May. “They have a project in Lake Village under construction now and when they finish the project in McGehee they will start one in Warren,” he said.

Adjacent to the subdivision, Community Services, an Appalossa, La. company, is simultaneously constructing six, 2-unit duplexes for the elderly.

The complex, called Desha Elderly, is already under construction and is expected to be complete in early November.

“There have been years at we didn’t issue a single building permit and we’ve already issued four this year and in the process of considering five more,” May said.