The Drew County Memorial Day ceremony and the dedication of the birthplace of Ensign Rodney Shelton Foss as a county park is scheduled May 29.

The Memorial Day ceremony will be held at 10 a.m. on the lawn of the Drew County Courthouse, located at 210 S. Main Street in Monticello.

Immediately following the Memorial Day ceremony, the birthplace of Ensign Rodney Shelton Foss will be dedicated as a county park.

Foss, who was stationed at Kaneohe Bay Naval Air Station in Hawaii, was killed by Japanese bombers on their way to Pearl Harbor. Foss was posthumously awarded a Commendation, a Pacific Fleet medal and a Purple Heart. A Navy ship, the USS Foss, was also named in his honor.

Foss’ birthplace is located on South Main Street, just north of the Drew County Courthouse.