Twenty-three Monticello High School Band students made one of the ASBOA Region 3 All Region Bands at the All Region auditions Saturday at El Dorado High School. Those making All-Region were:

Allie Perkins, 1st band 1st chair flute
Mallory Jones, 1st band 2nd chair flute
Kayla Henry, 1st band 6th chair flute
Elizabeth Wilson, 1st band 7th chair flute
Norma Rivera, 1st band 9th chair flute
Sarah Albritton, 1st band 11th chair flute
Olivia Wooten, 1st band 13th chair clarinet
Bailey Taylor, 1st band 1st chair alto clarinet
Matthew Montgomery, 1st band 2nd chair trumpet
Walker Jarrett, 1st band 4th chair trumpet
Matt Cater, 1st band 4th chair french horn
Jeremy Weih, 1st band 6th chair trombone
Marlon Druilhet, 1st band 1st chair tuba
Erin Ashcraft, 1st band 1st chair string bass
Layne Wilkerson, 2nd band 7th chair clarinet
Alex Borchardt, 2nd band 5th chair alto sax
Josh Longing, 2nd band 2nd chair bari sax
Courtney Leggett, 2nd band 2nd chair trumpet
Logan Collins, 2nd band 8th chair trumpet
Josie Kelley, 2nd band 9th chair trumpet
Rachel Smith, 2nd band 2nd chair french horn
Tre Ferrell, 2nd band 7th chair trombone
Becca Spurlock, 2nd alternate flute