FCCLATwo Monticello High School Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) teams will soon compete at state events after receiving gold medals at a district competition.

Michele Moseley, Lara Boone, and Rebecca Chisom medaled in a team chapter service project while Hannah Kling medaled in an individual event competition.

Moseley, Boone and Chisom developed and implemented an in-depth service project called “Saving Lives Unit by Unit”, using the existing FCCLA LifeShare Blood Drive held in the fall and spring. They conducted extensive research on the need for blood in Drew County, Arkansas and the United States; why people do or do not donate blood; and the rules and procedures for donating blood.

They also created a PowerPoint presentation on the importance of regularly donating blood and made presentations to four classes at Monticello High School.

Kling’s child safety project “It Can Happen to Anyone” involved a great deal of research and a number presentations at local schools.

Kling made a “Real World Safety” presentation to the Monticello Elementary School using the children’s book Little Red Riding Hood as an illustration. She also created fingerprint identification cards for each child and send-home information for parents.

For the classes at the Monticello Intermediate School, Kling presented “It’s Safer with Two, A Buddy and You”. She created a packet of coloring sheets, activity pages and scenarios to illustrate safety concepts.

For the Monticello middle and high schools, Kling presented “It Can Happen to You”. She created a video with various child abduction stories and explained her project to the middle and high school students, then introduced her invited speaker from the Morgan Nick Foundation to make a presentation as well.

Hannah Kling, Michele Moseley, Rebecca Chisom and Lara Boone.

Hannah Kling, Michele Moseley, Rebecca Chisom and Lara Boone.

Both teams were recognized at the District IV FCCLA Leadership Conference where they received a certificate and a medal. The two teams will compete at the FCCLA state competition on February 20.

FCCLA member Hannah Thaxton served as a volunteer student judge at the district conference and plans to serve as a judge at state the state competition.